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Welcome ToThe Geological Hazards Of Hawaii


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Storms are very common in Hawaii.  They are caused by the extremely low pressure and strongs winds around the eye of a hurricane or typhoon that cause a dome of water to form at high levels higher then the surrounding ocean surface. The pressure of the winds and wind driven -waves are strong enough to damage homes and enviroment.
The increasing level of waters cause severe flooding in coastal areas. The stronger the storm and the shallower of the offshore waters, the higher the storm surge.A storm surge is the most dangerous of all storms and can be deadly. This would include a powerful tropical cyclone. Destroying anyting that gets in its way.
Water in a storm has a powerfull force so powerful in can rip out boats from the moorings and demolish buildings.
Plummer,McGeary, Carlson, and Eyles acknowledged and wrote that, " hurricanes consists of strong winds rotating counterclockwise around a region of low air pressure and they may be 500 km in diameter and contain winds of 300 km per hour." ( Plummer, McGeary, Carlson, Eyles ,and Eyles, Physical Geology & the Enviroment, 1st Edition, 2004, pg 477).
The following website states the statistics of a horrible hurricane: ( ). states;"On November 23, 1982  hurricane Iwa hit the Islands of Niiheau, Kauai, and Oahu leaving devastation and death in the state. This was the first major hurricane to hit Hawaii since 1959. Also, hurricane Iniki was the most powerful to hit in record history.  The eye of the hurricane passed over the islands of Kauai on September 11, 1992 as a category 4 causing 6 deaths and around $1.8 billion in damage." ( ).