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Welcome ToThe Geological Hazards Of Hawaii

Welcome to Stephanie's Geology Webpage all about the Geological hazards of Hawaii!

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Diamond Head- Oahu, Hawaii

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The Center for the study of active Volcanoes, earthquakes,tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and Bush fires.
Learn the significance of Hawaii and why it is an important Geological place of study.
Hawaii is definetly a paradise although for a nice vacation but, it has its down sides. The islands of Hawaii are very vulnerable to certain kinds of natural disasters, such as flodding , hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanoes that are quite life -threatening.
According to the following website I came across, Hawaii is the world's biggest population center and that Hawaii consists some of the highest mountains. They include: Muana Kea which rises 13, 796 ft and Mauna Loa reaching 13,679 ft high above sea level. (
Did you know?
The publisher of the website" (",discovered that "Out of all the 50 states, Hawaii is the 43rd largest state in the USA. Hawaii covers an area of 6, 423 square miles, where 4, 508 square miles of that is covered by water. The total coastline is 750 miles, the longest river is called the Kaukonahua Stream on Oahu measuring a lenght running 33 miles long, and the highest waterfall is Kahiwa measuring a 1,750- foot cascade on Molokai."
Hawaii consists one of the largest chain islands in the world, located int he Central Pacific Ocean and the fact that Hawaii lies overtop a hot spot were Volcanic activity is occuring really describes the geological significance of Hawaii. The main islands of hawaii include, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe.
All of these Islands mentioned above were creations resulting from volcanic activity.