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Welcome ToThe Geological Hazards Of Hawaii

Floods and Brush Fires

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Floods and Brush Fires
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Big Floods near a home in Hawaii

Big Floods on the Hawaiian Islands


Flash Floods
Flash floods are caused by heavy rains and are likely to happen in many parts of the Hawaiian islands. Flash floods are just as dangerous as Tsunamis. It will sweep anything in its way. When the rains never stops it causes small rivers to turn into large currents of water traveling fast enough to swipe people, cars and other objects nearby. These heavy rains are very suden making hard to predict when there will be a flash flood on its way. Therefore it makes it hard for people to protect tthemselves aswell as their pets and homes.
Comparing flash floods with Tsunamis and Hurricanes, Flash floods are way more common in Hawaii where rains can last as musch as 6 weeks or more, flooding many places, destroying homes, bridges, bulidings and killing people.
Ways to controll flooding:
1- Dams built upstream- traps and releases water slowly after storm.
2- Artificial Levees- embarkments built along banks of river channel to contain floodwaters within the channel.
3- Protective walls- mae of stone or concrete to protect cities
4- Bypasses- to reduce the discharge in the main channel by redirecting the water into basins.

Huge Road damage caused by a flood

Flood Damage on the Islands of Hawaii


major flooding
Can you even imagine! I can't!


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